Midwifery visits

We have two clinics in Henderson.
You can expect to see us for routine visits:

First time mothers: 10, 16, 22, 26, 30, 33, 36, 38, 40, 41 weeks pregnant
Mothers who have had a baby before: 10, 16, 24, 30, 33, 36, 38, 40, 41 weeks pregnant

If there are any health concerns about you or your baby, you will be seen more often.

As midwives we are unable to treat problems such as vomiting and diarrhoea, food poisoning, toothache, asthma, cold and flu, car accidents…. etc, you must see the appropriate health professional; GP, dentist, A & E or pharmacist.

Pregnancy Week by Week

It is always exciting to see how your baby is safely developing within your uterus, here are two links…… We hope you enjoy them.


Welcome Baby

If you would like an application of week by week information, for you mobile phone you could check out this appt.

What to Expect

Discomforts of pregnancy

Although pregnancy is a wonderful and exciting time, unfortunately with some women experience certain discomforts of pregnancies.

Morning sickness
Leg cramps

Follow this link for some tips of how you may be able to reduce the effects of these discomforts…


If you have been exercising prior to getting pregnant, it is safe to carry on…however do listen to your body and if you are tired and wanting to sleep more, please do so. It is advisable not to use steam or sauna rooms while pregnant, and to keep your temperature below 39.4˚C, so a water bottle to keep yourself cool is recommended for those of you who have been exercising prior to getting pregnant. It is important not to embark on a new fitness regime after you discover you are pregnant. Walking or swimming is a good way to stay active during pregnancy.


Although you are growing a baby now, you do not need to eat for two. An average weight gain is 12-15 kg during pregnancy. However we have noticed that women who were underweight prior to pregnancy put on a little more than the average. Women who have been overweight prior to pregnancy, with good eating habits often put on less than 12kgs. Good ideas on foods to include in your diet

There are foods which need to be avoided during pregnancy as they may make you and baby unwell.

Make your own Baby Wipes

Baby Wipes are expensive and sometimes harsh on you new baby’s skin…here is a tried and true recipe for baby wipes AND they are a lot more cost effective than buying them from the supermarket.

Baby wipes

1.6 or 2.1 litre click clack container
1.5 cups boiling water
3 teaspoons of neutral oil
2 teaspoons aqueous cream
Viva handee towels

Use a straight edge (not serrated) knife to cut a Viva handee towel roll in half (so that it resembles a toilet roll) and place in the container.

Mix the water oil & aqueus cream in a small jug until combined. Pour over the roll, and leave for about 5 mins. Once fully soaked through, remove the cardboard inner. Pull the wipes from the centre of the roll.

Tips from an experienced baby wipes maker:
– Use a bread knife to cut the rolls it makes a bit of a mess but you may not manage to cut it with another knife.
– Try Almond oil (this is most like the oils of our body).
– Use a little less than 1.5 cups of water as they seem to be a little wet for my liking.
– Add a few drops of teatree oil to kill any bugs and a few drops of lavendar oil to make them smell nice.

What to buy for baby

You will find many suggestions from layettes for baby, here is one website to start from. A good idea is to ask your friends, sisters and mother which are the most essential. Different seasons means you often need a different layette.

Feedback of many from new mothers have produced some gems on what are tried and true good things for baby, some are expensive and worth the money, some are cheaper options but work well.

Basinette – If you borrow, consider buying a new mattress
Cot – new mattress for first baby, consider a Dr Sprott mattress wrap
Hire newborn capsule from Baby Factory ;also snap a go wheels

Check out: Sleep Store you can buy from them:
*Wrap me swaddle
*White noise CD
*Sounds of Silence
These are excellent for helping first time parent settle their new baby.

Baby Bjorn – front pack
Sleeping Bag for baby
Vibrating bouncenet
Jolly Jumper
Activity Centre
Black and White books
Microwave Sterilizer

Colicol Oil

This lovely oil that you rub into bubs tummy that makes the burp and fart their wind up and out! It can be used from birth and there are no messy liquids to try and get into baby’s mouth. You can only get this from the Naturopath who makes it here in West Auckland. Phone first to make sure they are home before going to pick up.

Colicol Oil
Ph Neil or Cherie
2 Rosier Road
Glen Eden
Ph 818 7098

This may seem a lot, however people often ask what you would like for baby, these are some good ideas for you to give them.

What to buy for mum

Now that you are pregnant you are you the perfect consumer. There is no need to buy the most expensive maternity pads for after baby is born. We suggest you buy:

3 dozen Home Brand super sanitary pads
1 box of Pidgeon Breast pads – for the first week after birth
Wizard Ointment 1 x small pottle from the Lincoln North Pharmacy, Lincoln Rd, Henderson – This is excellent for sore cracked nipples!
Breastfeeding Pillow

What to pack for the hospital

It’s quite exciting when you start to pack your bag for the hospital… this means baby is getting much closer to joining your family. Waitakere Maternity Unit uses cloth nappies, if you are wanting you use disposable nappies please bring your own to the hospital. Remember to pack a pen, so you can fill out the baby’s feeding chart.

Natural therapies during pregnancy

Here are a few of the commonly used natural therapies that are available to your during your pregnancy:


The stimulation of particular points on the body using special disposable needles to enhance a flow of energy or “chi” along pathways called meridians. Women have successfully used accupuncture for problems such as: turning a breech baby and encouraging baby to arrive after it’s due date.


Essential Oils have been used to stimulate, refresh, soothe and heal. During pregnancy and childbirth it is associated with reducing stress and relieving pain.


This using a diluted form of plants, minerals and salts to cure and treat a range of conditions and symptoms, according to the Law of Similars. We are lucky to have the ‘Lincoln Mall Pharmacy’ who specialise in homeopathic remedies, please discuss with the homeopath any needs you have.


This is a state of concentration which when combined with relaxation allows a heightened state of awareness caused by suggestion.


A skilled Osteopath can safely manipulation of the spine, other joints and muscles to treat the body’s whole mechanical system during pregnancy.


The feet have reflex zones which correspond with different parts of the body, are massaged in order to help increase blood circulation and relax tension.