Meet our Midwives…

West Auckland Midwives provide you with all your antenatal, labour and delivery, and postnatal care.  We can order your blood test, scans and prescribe pregnancy related medicines. Within our practice, we provide you with any birth preference you wish; drug free, pain relief including epidurals and water births.

We are a group of midwives who are easy to approach, good listeners and have great sense of humour’s, all while maintaining a high standard of professionalism. We love being involved with pregnant women, their families and babies.

View our midwives below to check availability, meet them via video, and make contact.

A week in the life of a Midwife

  • Antenatal appointment
  • Weighing babies
  • Being called out in middle of night to deliver babies
  • Booking new clients
  • Monitoring wellbeing of babies at hospital
  • Liasing with other health professions for wellbeing of women
  • Study days
  • Paper work
  • Meetings
  • Family activities
  • Sporting activities