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My name is Marika Robinson. I immigrated to New Zealand in 1999 and as a mother, registered nurse and a love for working within my community, I have followed my passion to become a midwife. I see a new life as a gift for our evolution that deserves to be birthed in love and integrity. I have a holistic approach to health and a deep trust in the wisdom and intelligence within the body. Yoga, meditation and herbal medicine are the foundations of my own well-being and this I will integrate into my midwifery practice.

I see my role as a midwife to promote and facilitate the physiological processes of pregnancy and birth, but also to be aware that unexpected things happen during this time and in case of any deviation from normal, I work in partnership with an obstetrician and other health practitioners for a safe birthing outcome.

I value continuity of care and family-centredness and I am happy to arrange antenatal appointments so that partners are included. My practice partner is lovely Linda Sowerby and I’m grateful to work as part of a highly experienced and supportive team of midwives at West Auckland Midwives.

All the best on your journey to parenthood!

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