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Hi my name is Rachael Hastings; I have been living in New Zealand now for 16 years, moving here from London with my wonderful kiwi husband.  We have 3 gorgeous and very active sons; Nate, Josh and Cameron. I live in Huapai; Kumeu and I love providing midwifery care to the local families and surrounding communities in west Auckland.

I work in partnership with Bunny Cummings, we share a caseload of pregnant mums, and alternate being on call for births throughout the week and weekends.

We believe that pregnancy is a normal life event that should ultimately result in empowerment for every woman.  The uniqueness of midwifery care in New Zealand means that we are able to follow my passion by providing midwifery care throughout the childbirth experience; antenatal, labour and birth.  As part of our practice we focus on individual needs and support each woman to choose the best care for her and her baby whether this is drug free, epidural, waterbirth and promote wellness to women and therefore families.

We realise that everyone is different, bringing different values, customs and beliefs. Acknowledging this and planning care to encompass these differences is also our passion, making each woman’s experience individual.

When I am not providing midwifery care, I enjoy trail running, training for ultra marathons, time on my SUP and supporting my boys in their sports.

I will contact you during normal working hours after you make an enquiry for midwifery care.

It could take a few days to get back to you if I have been busy with emergencies or births.

Thank you for your understanding.

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    Rachael is a lovely person who we felt comfortable with. There really aren’t words to express my gratitude for all she did to bring my baby girl safely into the world. Not just as a lead maternity carer but also on a moral level, she works tirelessly to ensure that you and your family have the best and safest birth experience. I talked to several midwives before meeting Rachael. I instantly knew after our first meeting that she would be the perfect one. I believe she gave me the best care and support one could ever ask for. She supported me physically and morally throughout the pregnancy and childbirth. I would definitely choose her to be my midwife if I plan another baby. Pregnancy, childbirth and parenthood have proven to be the biggest challenge of our lives so far, but has been made so much easier with her help. Relationship with her was easy and comfortable and she proved to be a trustworthy person I could depend on. Right till the end I felt very much looked after. She continued to show excitement about my pregnancy and baby till our last meeting. She made my journey towards motherhood one that I will cherish!! She will always have a special place in our lives – She’s a wonderful midwife.



    Rachel is a excellent midwife. She helped me delivered my two beautiful babies.  She is very professional, confident and always positive. Rachael has good scene of humour make my whole pregnancy relax and no worries. I feel very trust of her, whenever she is by my side during pregnancy I feel safe. She always can calm me down when I starts to getting worried. My first baby was 20 hours labour, I was in pain for so long and was about to have C section if I can not push the baby out, Rachael was holding my hands and encourage me to push and push, finally my son was born naturally. I appreciated Rachael a lot and I will rate her to be the best midwife.


    I am writing to you in regards to Rachael. Rachael was my midwife for my second baby and I should say she made my whole pregnancy enjoyable for me and my family. She was there for us anytime any moment. I really appreciate the way she works and how she handles situations. She was very helpful and supportive. Whenever we went for our appointments she was always there and welcoming us. All my notes were very handy for me to refer. She was always ready with what’s going to be next. She was very informative and highly knowledgeable. Even if I called her with any problems she used to give me proper guidance on phone. Because of her my baby was delivered successfully and healthy. I would like to say a big thank you to Rachael. I really appreciate her help and support she gave me. I am running short of words to express how much she has done for me. I am really missing her even after we got discharged from her. But I am so glad that she always replies to our messages and mails. We are been handed to plunket but I think I still need her.   I really miss you Rachael.


    We used Rachael for the delivery of our 2nd child.  When I was initially looking for a midwife, I was looking for someone who would support my exercise goals with their knowledge, as well as someone who we could relate to, to build a good trusting relationship with.  Rachael was amazing at ticking these boxes.  We were really comfortable with Rachael, and her information and support to lead up to the birth was awesome.  During labour, I was hugely thankful for her calm disposition under the stressful birth we had, as well as her ability to keep us informed with what was happening when others had to be involved.  But where I found her help the most valuable, was post birth.  Her knowledge and holistic approach at assessing where we were at, and then providing constructive advice was fantastic.   Rachael was an amazing support person, coach, and friend.  I would not hesitate to recommend her.


    We loved Rachael’s practical and caring approach. As first timers, we were constantly wondering “is this normal?” Every step of the way, she made herself available to reassure and guide us. I found this really valuable once we had the baby, when we felt the most out of our depth and on the day of our birth, she was indispensable.


    Sonia:   When I first met Rachael I had no idea how important she was going to be to me. She was more than a midwife to me, she was part of my family. She was there for me when I was most vulnerable and I could never repay her for bringing my healthy boys into this world so safely. I couldn’t imagine being able to naturally birth my sons completely drug-free without her there to not only guide me but encourage me through the process. And even after the birth, when I was learning to walk with my first son she was there for me every step of the way. Rachael never judged me and helped me in every way she could.

    At my weakest she made me feel like I could do anything and I will never forget what Rachael has done for me and my family. I am so grateful to have met her.


    Lisa:   We asked Rachael to be our LMC for our first son in 2015.  We were impressed with her previous experience as a nurse, which she demonstrated to us through her in-depth knowledge and her caring and supportive nature.  She communicated with us about what we needed to know during each stage of pregnancy, took into account our preferences and supported us with our birth plan, and kept us calm and focused when things didn’t always go according to expectations.

    For our second baby born in 2017, we knew we wanted Rachael again.  Her ongoing advice and care helped us to make well-informed decisions, and to feel safe and comforted knowing that we were in good hands.  She particularly impressed us during the labour and birth stages, especially as our second son was premature.  Her experience during the birth stage was evident and her manner exuded confidence.  She set us at ease and helped us deliver a beautiful and healthy baby with minimal drama and steady nerves.  Given the circumstances, this was a real blessing.

    Rachael was also extremely helpful post-birth in helping us settle into parenthood (twice), breastfeed properly, establish routines and raise healthy babies.

    We have received the best care through having Rachael as our LMC.  We highly recommend her

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